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Enter CROESO at the checkout for 10% off your booking.

Member club discount

Join our members discount club

This is a new system we’ve set up that opens up special rates for club members and loyal guests, including discounted individual night stays and extra discounts for multiple nights.

You’ll need to set up an account that you log into when you visit the site, it should auto fill all your details when you book.


How to sign up:

On any page it appears on, open up the book now link :


Once on the booking page, there’s a drop down box top right that says ‘my profile’, click it and press request account



Fill in your details and set a password, submit the form (we’ll aim to complete the account within a day)

After your account is confirmed, you’ll be able to access Member only rates that are discounted more than the croeso promo code and offer extra multiple night discounts

It’s a work in progress so we’ll be adding more here soon

When you have an account and sign into it, the Members Only rates will show and be bookable, as a temporary measure, you can use the sign up button – this registers you for our mailing list but also opens up the Members Only rates for a one time use. You’ll need to have the account for future uses.

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